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  • Contoured thumb pad gives comfortable,effortless pivot point
  • Your fingers maintain stick contact and control
  • Thin lightweight ,shock absorbing material
  • Stretch to fit all diameters of 1/2-5/8 (all common drumsticks)
  • Allows wood grain line up for fewer drum stick breaks.
  • Reusable again and again, i.e. they last.
  • They feel great!
The Most Advanced Drum-Stick Grip In The World. Features a Natural Ergonomic Grip Which Reduces Hand Fatigue and Lets You Play Longer and Faster. Unlike Glove's or  stick wrap's JimiGrips maintains stick sensitivity on cymbals & drums.
Instructions for Jimi Grips
Grips are right and left with the concave portions designed for the thumb.
Grips are made to stretch onto 1/2  to 5/8 diameter drumsticks. On 5b sticks or larger, Running under Hot water helps application.At a gig, spit'll work great!
Place long end of grip towards tip of stick.(if using wood sticks line up to wood grain.
With the tip of stick on a hard surface,place both hands on grip and push downward to desired position    
Grips are design to enhance your natural grip and should not hinder or bother  the feel of your sticks on Cymbals & Drums  For Drum corps sticks you might try cutting the small band portion off and use electrical tape wrapping tightly around the grip!
 Some big hand drummer's like to reverse grip's .                                                                                                                      
  • Natural Grip
  • Better Feel
  • Enhanced Control

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