• Minimal Slippage
  • Better Feel
  • Enhanced Control
The Most Advanced Drum-Stick grip In The World. Features a Built-In Vibration Reduction System Which Reduces Hand Fatigue and Lets You Play Longer and Faster.
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"Matched Grip," which is how Ringo Starr played, means gripping each stick between the thumb and forefinger, and closing the other fingers around the stick, using your thumb and forefinger as a fulcrum. In "traditional grip," the dominant hand holds the stick the same way, and the weaker hand holds the stick between the middle and ring finger, closing the index finger and the thumb over the butt of the stick. This grip allows for an angle that improves subtle and complex patterns on the snare but tends to compromise power. Both are Great but matched is just that, the same, equal.
Which grip is better? That depends. on you and your hands. The way you learn and practice. Or not! I'm no expert on stick control but I have been very interested in my own for 30yrs now. Like most kids I started playing traditional grip. And As a teenager switched to Matched grip. for a more equal big kit style of playing. A few years back I was weekend recording in a small drum booth, always hot and sweaty. Finding the end of my sticks in the palm of my hands. And trying to choke back to my sweet spot. Which meant I was working to hard and not relaxing.( The key to successful/playing)!
I tried Tape's,wrap's, drumming, golf & baseball gloves. Snot, powders.  None of these worked for me. So necessity being the mother of all inventions', I got to work. And you get JimiGrips. 
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